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I want to tell you how much I appreciate a connection to you. I can’t define what this connection we have is though the obvious would be social, digital, or even virtual. If this is a virtual connection, and without it we’d have none, then I like this virtual thing very much. It would be fun to meet everyone I get to know online in person, but the reality is that’s not likely going to happen. I’m alright with that; I connect with people on a different level, anyway.

I’ve met a lot of people in my life; mostly good people, and there were some that weren’t. The last couple of years taught me that I can’t meet people the way I used to anymore. Someone I thought harmless was coming out to meet me recently and though I felt a little off about it, I thought it was just some recent stresses I’d been dealing with. Then another friend contacted me to let me know this person wasn’t safe. My schedule had changed, anyway, making it impossible to meet anyone at all for over a month. Within about two months of that situation, another person wanted to come meet me — and threw a public tantrum because I told him he could meet me in LA whenever I get out there to visit my friends. His public tantrum was telling and that was the end of that. Now he writes me asking me if we are still “friends or enemies”. “There’s yer sign!” a comedian used to say. Well, I don’t need a toe tag as a fucking sign — I get it.

I realize the world isn’t what it was when I was born. I also realize that it’s not what it was in 1950. But I’ve noticed that with the Internet’s amazing potentials came just as concerning pitfalls. I don’t dwell on the latter because I like to see the best in all things. It’s just become a reality for me that not all people are at their best, whether due to mental illness or pure evil intention. And even if I didn’t have children, I’d not take a risk just because I want to believe there’s good in all people.

No matter how we’ve connected, how I’ve come to know you or even perceive you, and vice versa, I want to thank you for including me in some part of your life. Even if you find what I write mildly entertaining — or extremely annoying — that you read what I’m trying to express means a lot to me. Maybe you just find me curious in some way; whatever works. Thanks anyway.

God bless and have an interesting week. Be safe and just remember, for what it’s worth, to connect safely. If someone makes you uncomfortable, pay attention to that. If you connect to someone you want to know better, take it easy, and use your gut if you hope to connect in person one day.


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