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My name is Rita, not Whatta Fine Ass. Is your name F*cking Idiot? Because you sound like a F*cking Idiot to me and most intelligent women.



But we intelligent women acknowledge your stupidity, if that’s the validation you were looking for.

I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to finish writing TAROT-TORTURE™ or even any astrology last night. I was about to write Scorpio last night when I posted something on my Facebook page about me shouting something to the effect of everyone in my home could ‘kiss my ass’. Apparently this is an invitation for some men to talk about my ass, wanting to see my ass, talking about what a fine ass I have, the need to see my ass in a video, and at least one moron writing me privately asking when he can come to my house to kiss my ass in person.

I’m over the upset part and I’m experiencing varying degrees of anger. I thought about this all night and all day and I’ve concluded that some men are so stupid they think that saying things like the above is acceptable. They are so wrong that there’s no way to help educate them. I asked the main idiot in question to please stop. I even told him that children were present. I asked several times for him to stop writing those things and eventually my 16 and 14-year-old sons saw it. My youngest took to his personal page to blog about it; my 16-year-old took to confronting the idiot directly, not in a friendly way, and the idiot man decided it was ^^^^^^^^LOL^^^^^^^^ worthy. So I blocked him. That’s when I noticed a private message from a man I know, asking when he can come over to my house to kiss my ass. This man is mentally ill, or so he says, and over the years I’ve observed that he is a mixture of mental illness and stupidity. He has said some really irritating things in the past but I’d ask him to stop and he would. This time he showed me a new level of stupidity; because there’s no medication available for stupidity. I’m not going to tolerate his shit any more. Read the rest of this entry

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