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This blog now lives at!

So, pretty please, with whipped cream and a cherry on top, visit me there! I’ll try to maintain both sites to remind you — and sticky post this — because I want to stay connected! I have so much fun writing for you; it brings me a lot of peace and joy. And reading your comments makes my days brighter!

God bless and keep you safe in all you do,



Please don’t hurt me.

I promise there’s a good reason for everything I’m (not) doing. I had to pick up my son from school. He told his PE teacher he wasn’t feeling well. Of course that means the PE teacher makes my son run, anyway. I had to cancel my doctor appointment, as a result; I didn’t want to leave my sick kid at home and I also didn’t want to take my sick kid with me to the doctor’s office where the sick people are. So out the window goes my visit with the doctor. I so looked forward to telling him that I every morning I wake up, look in the mirror, and scream.


Note to ex boyfriend, you weirdo:

Note to ex boyfriend: Please don’t talk to my children — just stay away from my entire family. My son let me know that he bumped into you today and you had an awkward conversation. You said something to him that made him wonder how you’d know that at all. *BEGONE* If you’re on my page pretending to be someone else and that’s how you know — and if I find out about it, I’m going to humiliate you. So, please just go away — period.

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!

I just want to thank you for all your birthday wishes! I got them on all the networks and I was surprised to see them here, too! You have no idea how much it means to me; to be thought of isn’t something I take lightly. I think of all of you all the time, I truly do — and you know that about me — because you mean the world to me. If you think of me then that must mean that you care about me in some way. I am very humbled to be cared for at all.

We only get one birthday a year and each one is special, I think. I’m at an age where I feel freaking lucky to be alive! When I was a child, each birthday marked the beginning of a new year — maybe something amazing would happen to me! Now, each birthday marks the end of another year lived (always a miracle to me) and is less about beginning a new year and more about being grateful for every day that I hope to witness the dawn. I pray at night for the safe passage of my soul, of course, and I always ask that if I were never to wake up again, that angels look after my children. This may sound like morbid birthday musings, but please take into consideration my Scorpio nature is more aware of the reality of death than most people ever are. I sometimes laugh thinking of what my thoughts would feel like to a Sagittarius! Not a very good fit — I know.

Just know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me! And for every birthday wish you wished me, just know I’m wishing you many, many wishes come true for you.

God bless!


Sean Gosney is looking for his parents! Wanna help? Share the pic! xoxo

His Facebook page link is: Sean Gosney. Please share if you’d like to help! Much love to you all xoxo.

Sean Gosney

Sean Gosney

Smitten by the Mitten!



body_sweater_flip_cropSince Friday the 13th when I posted the Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten, I’ve been gratified and horrified by the high degree of interest shown in this cocoon-like garment. Are we that scared of the world? Clearly, I touched a nerve. You people all need shrinks. Or at least a body mitten.

First, thanks to Tem Tarriktar, publisher of The Mountain Astrologer magazine, who offered to re-post on TMA’s Facebook page. Given the impetus provided by TMA’s 38k fans, within a few days my post received 100k views.

This Thursday, author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) posted it on her Facebook page. As of today, the post has now had about 180k views. This confirms for me that Mercurophobia extends well beyond the astrological community. Zealous psychotherapists, take note.

Now, since most writers hate writing and will use any distraction to avoid facing their demons, I’ve wasted hours reading comments from my…

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Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten



Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten! 


Feeling wobbly, forgetful, and introverted during this Mercury retrograde cycle? This can be a great time for renewal and self-reflection. The Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten (TM) is designed specifically to contain and counteract the powerful negative mental and energetic effects of Mercury retrograde.

Each body mitten is hand-knitted by celibate Virgos using hypo-allergenic squirrel wool inter-woven with strands of unicorn hair that were marinated in lavender oil infused with emerald powder. This energetic matrix provides a comfortable and fashionable garment to create an aware and stable personal environment before, during, and after Mercury retrograde. 

Production of our body mittens follows a strict process of spiritual guidance, prayer, and attunement to the planet. After knitting, garments are dyed a limited range of peaceful colors (aquamarine, blue, green, mauve, teal) in a solution of Clematis, Narcissus, and White Chestnut flower essences to help ground thoughts and calm an over-stimulated…

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April Showers Bring Pretty May Flowers!

April Showers...

April Showers…

Are you enjoying the last day of March? It comes on the heels of a strong Aries New Moon. The ides of March have come (to an end). Let’s not fret the astrology of April too much; nothing to worry about and the only real fear we should have is the fear of fear itself.

I believe the things that do happen — the big, big things — will be more on a global scale. We’re watching tremors and temblor in California. We can’t find the missing Malaysian jet and its precious cargo. We’re mourning the loss of life and love in Washington. Of course, we’re not completely immune to the happenings in the Heavens. So there is an ending — closure — and there’s a brilliant beginning — new life.

Some of you — a small percentage — may already have been through these major changes. Many of you felt the tugs of change early on, last year, and acted accordingly. Hopefully you allowed the changes to take place without a struggle, without fighting it. Of course there are those who felt the inkling and delayed, deliberated, or postponed what may prove inevitable after all.

Remember that life has its ups and downs, better and worse, and like the tarot trump “The Wheel of Fortune” suggests, sometimes we’re at the bottom and sometimes we’re at the top, but everything works out in the end.

April isn’t the darkest hour before the dawn; don’t forget that April showers bring pretty May flowers.

God bless you all,



Friends :)

Friends 🙂

Once in a while someone special comes along that is so special they’re in a category of special all their own. They are so bright — so sparkly — that in a trove of treasures high as the sky the are instantly recognizable as the most priceless jewel among them all. Colleen is that jewel and she is, to me, the most precious. We meet people every day, from all walks of life, when we go about our days, tasks, and interactions everywhere we go. With the advent of tons of social media networks popping up every day, we have more opportunities than ever to meet people we might never otherwise.

The most fun I’ve had with social media is reconnecting with people from my childhood, classmates, neighbors, and even bullies from the block who quite forgot the chips they used to wear on their shoulders (and are happy most of us forgot, too). There was this pretty girl I went to school with for several years. She was cheery, polite, and she had the kindest, softest, smiling eyes. She was tall, had a gorgeous figure, a very bright mind, and a smile just as bright — she lit up any room she walked into! Even outdoors her smile eclipsed the bright California sunshine. I admired her, wanted to get to know her better, but I was a little shy. So I settled for smiling at her as much as I could, waving at her, and wondering what she was going to be like when we were all grown up. I knew she was going to be someone beautiful, accomplished, and successful! I just knew it, I truly did.

I was right! Thanks to Facebook, I was able to reconnect with Colleen many years after high school. When I visited her page and pictures, I was in awe at how much that pretty, smart little girl from school had accomplished. I was thrilled that she married her high school sweetheart, was mother to two beautiful, bright young women, was outrageously and deservedly successful. Her photos bore testament to the saying that ‘smart girls finish best!’ It’s always so lovely to see that good people with kind hearts find happiness and success in a world that’s not always kind or happy. Colleen remains unaffected by the world to this day, as kind as she ever was, and she continues to bring beauty and inspiration to everyone whose lives she touches.

Thank you for being my special friend, Colleen. I’m so glad that I’m able to wish you a very happy birthday today, a wonderful personal new year, and all beautiful things to a girl whose spirit is a beautiful as she is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE GIRL! May everything you wish for this personal new year come easily to you!

Que Dios te bendiga siempre,


A Big Heart-Shaped Slap in the Face


Trina Holmes

Valentine’s day. It’s one of those occasions that you either enjoy post-sex in the arms of your exhausted other half or hate with your fellow singletons slugging cheap wine from Aldi. I’ve experienced both over the years so I ponder what the big issue is with this rose-buying-chocolate-indulging-candle-lit-dining-day?

When you’re single, Valentine’s day is one big heart-shaped slap in the face. It’s everything you’ve tried to forget all shoved into one over-priced, sickly day with everyone pretending that their husband’s hairy carpet-like back is the most attractive thing since Dappy’s naked picture. It’s ready to spill into your day whether you want it to or not with people eating each other’s faces on the bus in the most unattractive of ways. It is a whole twenty four hours of tongue twisting, breast groping, wet lip kissing and public displays of fully clothed straddling.  Every shop you walk into is wishing…

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A Big Heart-Shaped Slap in the Face

A Big Heart-Shaped Slap in the Face.

Every Day Can’t Be April Fools’ Day

Every Day Can’t Be April Fools’ Day. A MUST READ.

HAHAHAH! I love Mark!

Junkyard Salvation

[Word count: 604. Approximate read time: 2-3 minutes]

They're not gonna laugh at you. What are you so afraid of? No one's out to get you. You're among friends. Why so serious? People are good. People love you. They want to see you succeed. Let your hair down. Have some fun. No one is trying to lure you into a zombie apocalypse.Skeptics, go on high alert. For 24 hours, tricksters will hunt the gullible. Stay in your house all day. Don’t do anything or go anywhere. Trust no text message, tweet, telephone call, e-mail, instant message, news report, police bullhorn, or crowd of hysterical people running toward the nearest mall exit. Don’t believe anything. It’s all a conspiracy to take you down.

That’s me. I am that anxious, ever-suspecting dude for whom every day feels like April Fools’ Day. I have seen my general level of distrust rise like the water level in aPoseidon adventure. It’s hard to take anything at face value now. This is not okay. Have you ever:

  • Asked someone to tell their story and then called their credibility into question to dismiss the validity of their experience?
  • Had someone plead their case although you had already…

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Farewell, Whitney Houston: God rest you now.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston 1963-2012

“Cause of Ms. Houston’s death still not official. Preliminary leaked indications are lethal combination prescription medications and alcohol, overdose of the same, heart attack, or embolism. No foul play indicated, though these are preliminary findings. It is known that Ms. Houston was battling depression and anxiety and her prescription bottles were in her hotel room. Ms. Houston’s family claims to have been told some details of the cause of her death but the Los Angeles County coroner’s office denies relating that accidental drowning or prescription medications were cause of Ms. Houston’s death.  Autopsy findings could take as long as eight weeks to become public while toxicology studies are being conducted.

Ms. Houston’s funeral is set to take place in Newark, NJ, her mother, Cissy Houston, arranging her daughter’s body be flown there. Ms. Houston’s family states via her publicist, “”We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Whitney. “This is an unimaginable tragedy, and we will miss her terribly.” Sources close to Ms. Houston were aware she was not herself and seemed depressed. Ms. Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is reported to have been treated in hospital twice, possibly due to breakdown in light of her mother’s tragic passing. Ms. Brown is said to have been released both times and it is understandable the 18 year old is suffering her mother’s death.

Ms. Houston had just completed work as star and executive producer of what will be her final film, “Sparkle”, a remake of the 1976 Motown drama of the same name. “Sparkle” is said to have been the comeback Ms. Houston needed to jump start her career and is said to be a brilliant work. “Sparkle” is set to be released August 17, 2012, which will include Ms. Houston’s final recordings. Even post-mortem, Sony has confidence Ms. Houston’s film will be well received. God rest you, Whitney Houston: you remain forever in our hearts.”

Rita Evelyn Yanez, reporting from Eden, Idaho.

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