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APRIL 2012: Astro-Weather Forecast




For the month of APRIL 2012

The month starts on a jagged edge with the end of the Mercury Retrograde phase, April 4th.  Nerves are frayed after many delays and the typical challenges.  Despite the Retrograde hassles and hold-ups, much progress was made for those who capitalized on the New Moon (Uranus aspected by Aries New Moon last month at Mercury and Uranus) and Grand Trine of March.  While I don’t usually  enjoy the delays of this aspect, there are positive ways to use it: we hold off on things that require more due diligence.  We take time to study all angles of things we’re working on — we start nothing new — we work only on things already in progress and expect there will be delays of all kinds, mix ups, and things of this nature.  It is not my favorite time but I’ve learned to work with it — go with the flow, per se — rather than struggle against it.  Mercury stations, goes direct on April 4th — thank God! — and the shadow period (think of easing off the breaks and depressing the gas pedal, slowly, in an automobile) ends on the 23rd.  We will begin to feel much lighter, the stress of the last month will ease, day by day, until the 23rd.  You can exhale now!  Do beware lingering effects of the shadow period by watching for the usual mechanical problems, difficulties with agreements and communications, though things will be noticeably better and easier as time goes on.  Continue meditating about what actions you will next take.  Mars has also been in retrograde since January and stations, goes direct on April 13th, but will not be in full force until June. Read the rest of this entry

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