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Pisces: The Fishes

PISCES ♓ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 8, 2014: Astro-Lumination™ Psychic Insights by Rita

It’s July 4th! Make sure your friends pee on a tree if you go missing!



ASTRO-MINDER™ Thursday, July 3, 2014: If you feel like things are picking up speed it’s because they are. Mercury is direct and gaining momentum. Most of you will notice there are suddenly several irons in the fire and they look a whole lot like the irons from the end of May; that’s because they are. This is a good thing, trust me! You do trust me, don’t you? C’mon. I’d never hurt you. I LOVE you too much!

This is the third and last time you’ll have to go over these same wrinkles to iron them out for good! So be sure to do what you have to do, get it right this time, use some spray starch if you have to, but get things smoothed out as best as you can. We’ve talked about the sense of discomfort that we will feel around the 4th. If tomorrow, July 4th celebrations, in the USA aren’t really appealing to you because you’re feeling kind of “off”, then mind your instincts and just stay at home.

If you have pets, of course, protect their sensitive ears from fireworks and be sure they are secured so they don’t bolt out of your yard and into a road or street. My pretty chocolate labrador went missing one year for many hours and I thought I would never see her again. Monty, my 20-year-old, thought to, um, water a tree with his scent so the dog could smell him and her way home if she’d become lost or was disoriented. It sure did work: Truffle showed up exhausted and a bit worse for the wear, and now I never cease marveling at the power of pee!

Be safe, my friends. Don’t drink or do drugs and then drive ANYTHING because you could kill someone or a few people and you’ll likely live to see the rest of your life in prison. That’s if you don’t end up in a vegetative state the rest of your life. Think on that.

God bless you all! Happy 4th!




PISCES 2/19-3/20
The Fishes 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Romance is in the air for Pisces.  If you are partnered, dear fish, I am happy for you.  If you are single, there is someone in the wings waiting for more communication from you.  Relationships and how you relate and communicate to others is lit for you, dear Pisces, and that’s a good indication that this relationship is a romantic one or a close partnership of some kind.

While you are alright letting the next person be themselves you do like communication.  You don’t want to guess what’s going on with the next person.  But when you’re not necessarily feeling much like letting the next person call the shots, you become almost fanatical in your quest to know what the other person’s thinking, doing, about to do, or thinking about doing!  That’s not a bad thing but can unnerve the next person as much as it irritates you.

What you need to do, Pisces, is to communicate as genuinely and honestly as possible even if that’s not what you feel like doing now.  What are you afraid of, anyway, the next person figuring out you’re human and have needs?  Feel free to express yourself fairly and easily and you will find the person this reading speaks of easily opens up and gives you the information you desire.

Everything seems to be better than usual on the surface but deep down there is something rubbing you wrong that you cannot define yourself.

Contemplate: Not asking isn’t getting, either.

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