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Scorpio’s Past Life, Present Lesson: That’s enough sex and heroin!



I know not all of you Scorpios are sex addicts, drug addicts, and dominatrices. Anymore. In fact, I know you feel insulted that I would even imply that you aren’t past that stage now, that you aren’t above it all, and I know that (if you’ve evolved enough) you don’t want to be reminded of the basic thing that you once were (according to you). But is there such a thing as a basic Scorpio? Not at all. It doesn’t matter which day or decan you were born; if you’re a Scorpio you all share a common trait: the ability to reincarnate, and you can and will likely have to reinvent yourself many times in your life.

I’ve seen some of the most intense, focused, self-destruction taking place in all kinds of Scorpios — not just the addicts. I’ve seen the destruction on the emotional level, the physical level, and the psychological. When Scorpio is going to crash and burn, trust me, they’ve planned it, they know what they are doing, and you aren’t going to stop them. I’m not implying that Scorpio has suicidal tendencies; it just looks that way. Why come into this life with an apparent master plan to blossom and grow only to spontaneously ignite at will and end it all? There is a good reason and having been there, done that (and in the process of rising again, personally, so to speak) I will explain. I feel I’m an authority!

LIFE. DEATH. REBIRTH. While it may seem extreme, living, dying, and being born again are all part of Scorpio’s past life experiences. Of course they’ve lived before. But they’ve lived and died and reincarnated more times in one lifetime than most souls will ever see. Of course Scorpio needs to learn that being independent is good for them. Scorpio needs to learn that no matter how many times they think they got it wrong, they actually got it very right, ‘failures’ and all. Many Scorpios will say they feel they’ve lived a thousand times before and they are usually right. It does get a little tiresome but it makes for such excellent past life regression sessions!

The most important thing that Scorpios need to learn in their current lifetimes — whichever one they are in — is to love themselves more than they did in the life they lived before. I know what it’s like to be a Scorpio and alternately and simultaneously love and loathe myself. It took me two Saturn tours to finally understand that I don’t have to live hard, crash hard, and symbolically die hard to show others what it’s like to be me. I finally learned that I am not here to each anyone anything. Well, maybe I’m illuminating people’s paths when I feel it’s time to go up in flames!

Scorpio, love yourself, Even the dark parts of yourself that you’d sooner set on fire and pretend you never knew. Love everything about yourself even when you feel no one else does. Because you never know which lifetime you will decide will be your last. And while you rule life, death, and rebirth, all of this is voluntary — you don’t have to do it again! So, if this is to be your last life (as most of you will chime) make each reinvention of yourself better, stronger, and brighter than the last!

I know you’re coming back, anyway. You’re the original Badass. See you next time. 😉

Leo’s Past Life, Present Lesson: This ain’t no monarchy, baby. DIY!



This one’s for Skooter who made the mistake of telling me he’s a Leo. Well, everyone knows that Leos may have been someone important in a past life, if one subscribes to such a thing, but this time around this is not the case. While many of them still walk around gathering subjects to do their work, sooner or later Leo learns (in this incarnation) that if they want something done they have to do it themselves. Nothing will be handed to Leo this time around. While they may have many willing friends who will lend a hand if they are not put upon, there will always be that one friend who reminds Leo that he’s no king in this jungle. Simply put, this time around Leo will make their own way, do their own work, clean up their own mess, and learn to support himself. It’s a big jungle out there, Leo. You look great but you’ll have to brush your own hair this time!

The Scorpio Parent: Failure is not an option but death is!



I think the sign Scorpio is the one who suffers parenting the most. To a Scorpio, under normal circumstances, a parenting ‘fail’ is like getting the death card in the tarot: it’s over, you can’t go back and redo it, it is what it is, game over. When Scorpio does it ‘wrong’, according to their estimation, they don’t (always) lash out at other people; what Scorpio does is punish itself. Ever see the zodiac art with the scorpion turning tail and stinging itself? Exactly.

The Scorpio parent can get so fixed on perfect child rearing that any perceived mistake requires the only acceptable act of contrition: self-destruction. Though Scorpio types are able to (burn themselves down to the ground and) rise from the ashes while making it look effortless, hip, and sexy, only Scorpio will ever know the depth of torment they put themselves through before, during, and after their glorious resurrection. Part of the before and during process involves accounting for every parenting fail Scorpio can think of (Scorpio’s ability to resurrect past transgressions, including their own, is legend). It doesn’t matter if the perceived failure included, but was not limited to, the original procreation (or fornication); Scorpio will go as far back as they deem necessary. They may even spontaneously regress into their own uterine limbo where they are pretty f*****g sure they premeditated future mistakes.

Do you know what Hara-kiri is? Scorpio does. (Good thing they’ve got that whole phoenix routine down.) Scorpio, there’s no need to expect your version of perfect parenting from yourself. Because there is no such thing as perfect parenting. And unless you have a Virgo ascendant like I do, this should be pretty easy to understand: do your best. Just do your best and remember that your spawn will turn out just fine so long as you forgive yourself the same way you taught them to forgive everyone else. Happy parenting, Scorp!

It’s July 4th! Make sure your friends pee on a tree if you go missing!



ASTRO-MINDER™ Thursday, July 3, 2014: If you feel like things are picking up speed it’s because they are. Mercury is direct and gaining momentum. Most of you will notice there are suddenly several irons in the fire and they look a whole lot like the irons from the end of May; that’s because they are. This is a good thing, trust me! You do trust me, don’t you? C’mon. I’d never hurt you. I LOVE you too much!

This is the third and last time you’ll have to go over these same wrinkles to iron them out for good! So be sure to do what you have to do, get it right this time, use some spray starch if you have to, but get things smoothed out as best as you can. We’ve talked about the sense of discomfort that we will feel around the 4th. If tomorrow, July 4th celebrations, in the USA aren’t really appealing to you because you’re feeling kind of “off”, then mind your instincts and just stay at home.

If you have pets, of course, protect their sensitive ears from fireworks and be sure they are secured so they don’t bolt out of your yard and into a road or street. My pretty chocolate labrador went missing one year for many hours and I thought I would never see her again. Monty, my 20-year-old, thought to, um, water a tree with his scent so the dog could smell him and her way home if she’d become lost or was disoriented. It sure did work: Truffle showed up exhausted and a bit worse for the wear, and now I never cease marveling at the power of pee!

Be safe, my friends. Don’t drink or do drugs and then drive ANYTHING because you could kill someone or a few people and you’ll likely live to see the rest of your life in prison. That’s if you don’t end up in a vegetative state the rest of your life. Think on that.

God bless you all! Happy 4th!




AQUARIUS 1/20-2/18
The Water Carrier 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Precious water carrier, just when you get something you want, something you’ve wanted so long, you don’t feel very good about it.  Perhaps some long fought and wanted goal or situation materializes only to leave you feeling empty.  Is that the way you feel, Aquarius?  Or rather, is that what happens every time — some sense of sadness or apathy overcomes you when you know you should feel happy?

Perhaps the reason for this is complex: you work hard, for years even, on some goal or project, only to find when all is said and done and the bird in the bush is in hand, that you don’t know if you wanted the bird at all.  Maybe it’s more simple than the aforementioned and when the thrill of the proverbial chase is over and the prize is yours, you don’t want the prize!  You miss the chase!

Thrill of the moment as it may seem, something eludes you.  There is something you want in life more than anything and you don’t have that thing yet or the chase has not resulted in what you want.  What you need to contemplate now, water bearer, is that what you want is what you can have when you release the expectation of how you will feel when you get it.  This is such a general want that I suspect it transcends many levels.  It does not appear to be some material thing.  It does not appear to be some accolade or acclaim.

What you are missing in your life is something life essential.  Perhaps a larger family.  Perhaps a good marriage and bond.  Perhaps it’s just the knowing that when you want something bad enough the chase is as good as the prize.

Think clearly, Aquarius, about what could be bothering you.  You achieve, you excel, you have drive and determination: perhaps what you want more than anything right now is something that requires none of the above — that is is something that is not rooted in the material world or in its applause?

Contemplate:  There is much to think about, Aquarius.  And conversely, there is nothing to think about.  There is something you greatly desire that means everything to you and pales in comparison to the material.  Release expectation, my friend, release it and let go and what you desire most will manifest without any effort of your own and you will be thus fulfilled.




CAPRICORN 12/22-1/19
The Seagoat 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You are feeling down, Capricorn?  I am not surprised.  It looks to me from my vantage point, that you have done your best to the point of ad nauseum.  You feel no one appreciates you no matter what you do and that you are somehow overlooked by the Universe.  But what you are overlooking is there is someone out there, someone you know, who is wishing and wanting the best for you.

Some recent situation or something that transpired between you and someone close to you or a potential mate has left you feeling in the dumps.  But what is that for, Capricorn?  If you know you’ve done you best and given things you all, you have done what you knew best to do.

What you need right now, my friend, is someone to talk to, someone you trust can hear you out without making you feel bad about it.  Perhaps you feel bad enough that you won’t talk at all.  But if you do that you will miss a chance to hear what someone who loves you wants to say — isn’t that worth the risk you feel you are taking in asking for help?  It should be, Capricorn, and if you don’t ask for some support you won’t get any, either.

Take some time to isolate the way you feel right now no matter what is going on in your life.  In that way, you can place your feelings into a box or slot where they can at least be categorized.  Then and only then, please reach out to someone who is offering some kind of support or who you feel comfortable with to help pull you out of the way you feel.  I guarantee you will feel better, so please do give this a try.

Contemplate:  If you feel bad already, if you don’t ask for help from someone you know cares for you and loves you, you won’t get the support you need.  You’ve been friend and ear to many and now it’s your turn to ask for help.




SAGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21
The Archer 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sagittarius, you’ve never been known to solve problems well, and in fact, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re something of a maker of mischief!  You let your emotions — or need for drama — get the best of you and I dare say it’s because you have a need for some dramatics in your life.  I’m not putting you down, dear Archer, I’m just saying that just as some people love movies, drink, or fantasy, you’ve need for something tumultuous happening in your life or you feel off kilter!

Think of it this way, Sag, if you understand that you need some excitement, consider if you’re looking for trouble when you’re bored.  If you lash out at loved ones to cause a stir or strife, consider you are playing a game but no one else is playing with you nor will they easily forget your need for dramatics.

You want peace  and harmony yet you want to upset the tea cart.  You want balance and ease yet you easily drive everyone in the house mad.  I hope you have a patient handler these days, Sag, as I, for one, would not do well with your monkey business!  If you go now and upset the still tea cart, do not complain about the biscuits strewn later that you are responsible to clean up.  If you’re that bored that you need drama, rent a dramatic movie.

By all means if this makes any sense to you, correct the major errors in your thinking and go your own way.  After all, if anyone’s tolerated your antics of late, they will be there to help you make sense of your need for stimulation!

Contemplate: Just because you’re bored or the status quo is not dramatic enough, Sag, does not mean you are allowed to just let the monkeys out of their cages.  Control yourself, do damage control, and hope that your handler forgives you.




SCORPIO 10/23-11/21
The Scorpion 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scorpio, someone new is in your life or someone new is coming.  Trust me, I checked this one with two other sources because I am perplexed as you may be!  I even checked a cheap app because this is so out of the box!  At least my box — I digress.

The newness factor is not one that may necessarily be a romantic situation though I will admit — and do not hurt me! — that it appears romantic, to say the least.  Perhaps you are already in a good relationship where there was stagnation and now there is new movement: you will be able to tell if this newness is already in that relationship, something like a change of some kind or even a change in your view of this person.  If you are in a romantic relationship and you don’t like where it’s going, suspect you’ve not been dealt with fairly or there is some level of lie or dishonesty present, then more than likely someone new emerges on the relationship scene to balance that factor.  I hope my readers are not married Scorpions!  This emphasis is on seeing someone in a new light, light perhaps shed on an illusion presented, or some level of being mislead.  This does NOT mean that all Scorpions are being lied to, only the Scorpions whose guts have been indicating the same will get what I’m writing.  Bear with me, please!

This new person, newness, seems like a new person emerges or the person you are now involved with is showing his or herself in their true colors.  Whether that is good or bad only you could tell me.  I could give you personal accounts of what I’m thinking and muck this up further.

My friends, fans, and everyone else follows me because “Rita tells it like it is” but I feel like I about to yank on some molars here or bring a very bright spark to others!  I do not like writing my own but in this case, I’m kind of having a good time with it as I have not been happy with the status quo, personally.  If you think I write astrology for kicks, you are wrong!  I write it to help others and like last week, I have a WTF moment myself!

Try being me for a moment with thousands of followers, everywhere, and try removing yourself from the equation! I do it with prayer, that is all I can say.

Scorpio natives, I don’t color anything about your scopes because you of all people would see right through me.  What I see is someone new entering your life if your love life is unsatisfactory, if you’ve felt you’ve been lied to or dealt with unfairly, and if your love life has shown no issue, it’s a very exciting time for you, indeed!  It tells me you’ve made the right choices and you are partnered with the right persons.  If you are partnered with Aries, doubly so, though there will be plenty of power tussle to entertain you — but it will not smother you.

The time is right to see this newness, this reality of the other person’s projection, and to act accordingly!  Scorpio is promised a year filled with much luck and romance and in Chinese astrology writings I have even told you that out of the blue you change your strong willed mind and marry someone or take up house play with them.  If  you are in a relationship that does not suit you, the Full Moon in Leo illuminated flaws to make them visible for all to see, including you.  The influence of heavenly bodies in Aries, such as they were or are, reminds you to take care of yourself, of number one, as no one else seems to be much concerned for your welfare: that should indicate which personal relationship I’m talking about.

The time is now, dear Scorpion, Phoenix, Eagle, to rise up from the recent reality of substandard and seek this newness, this new reality that you have created, if only via the need to have your needs met, to be treated with dignity and honesty, not lies and illusion.

Scorpio, all I can say is you know best, you know who you are dealing with, you know where the lies are, and who is telling them.  If this seems strange to you — be glad!  I cannot see your natal chart of course.  But in general, Scorpio is advised his or her instincts are correct, if false and fallacy are present, they will soon be illuminated for all — and I mean ALL — to see.  You will not suffer this but the karma of the next person should be barometer and detector.

Contemplate: If things have been great, Scorpio, your relationships are with particular signs, sun or rising.  I dare not post what they are for many reasons.  If your relationship has been bumpy or questionable, someone new enters to correct the imbalance and you have done your time, per se, and taught your students their lessons.




LIBRA 9/23-10/22
The Scales 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Someone in your world, Libra, makes a lot of mistakes and expects you to either correct them or fix them in some way.  That is not fair, Libra, whether friend, family, or business partner, you are not here to correct the missteps of the next person.  You’ve invested a lot of time in this person, likely years, talking, talking, telling, advising, but this person is either chronologically younger than you or less mature than you are.  What are you doing, Libra?  Raising someone else’s young?  You need to realize that your job is not the role of therapist or mentor in this case: your role has a hierarchy of some sort and I cannot clearly, without birth chart, see what your role exactly is.  Suffice it to say you are not this persons MOTHER.

With that said, if someone’s in some legal trouble, they need an attorney.  If their life is in disarray, they need professional help.  If this person I’m referring to is a work related partner, then your role is to back out of the personal arena — there is no room for error here — your association with this person could cause your reputation damage or question much as any affiliation with persons of questionable nature would cause you harm personally and or professionally.  I mean to spare no words here: this person is a liability to you, yours, and your own interests.

The thing you need to do now is to back away from the situation if you feel that a good talk is going to cause more damage or connect you more closely than you should be.  As sad as it sounds, and if this is a personal relationship or a family member, I am quite sorry.  But the responsibility is yours now, dear Libra,  to recognize that this is not healthy for you and if you are not heard by this person once, twice — then three times is too many.

Contemplate:  Invest no further in a person or situation that is bound to bring you professional or personal harm.  This harm could be in the form of damage to reputation or even legal troubles.  God bless you, dear Libra, steer clear of those who are not aligned with the positive.




VIRGO 8/23-9/22
The Virgin 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You’re in a situation, analytic Virgo, where you’re dealing with a person who is not objective, is prone to over emotion, and doesn’t always see things clearly.  It’s not the best situation to be too understanding of the next person when they don’t know what they are doing — including when they are not playing fair or are playing on your emotions.  Be strong, Virgo, you are not wrong this time, though you are too close to this situation to see what I’m saying clearly.  So, I will clarify for you.

Some people are very good at being objective about even themselves.  Others are not so good at objectivity and often they don’t know the difference between emotion and logic.  You, of all signs, are the analyst and can analyze a situation quickly, completely, and accurately.  The person or situation, likely linked to a close relationship (that goes for close business partnerships) is so muddled in their thinking, thanks to the Full Moon, that they cannot see their own shadow for what it is.  What you are prone to doing now, dear Virgo, is defining shadow from illusion for this person and this must be nipped in the bottom immediately.  You are not responsible for the emotions, feelings, perceptions, or consequences of another’s actions, so this is not the time for sympathy for this person.  It is a time for you to step back, go your own way, and be yourself.  You can be supportive but you cannot live another’s life.

Where you are erring is trying to understand the next person.  Why bother with that when you don’t see life and situations through their eyes?  Of course you want to sympathize with this person but what good will that do them?  Do you like being an emotional crutch?  I doubt it.  What you need to do is understand that while you, of all people, cannot understand the next person — after all, you are analyst, not therapist! — you can understand the situation the next person is in from a cool, detached, objective point of view.  Perhaps the best course right now is to remove yourself from the emotional entanglement of the person in question and live your life as you usually do and when asked, state your views and opinions of this person’s situation with a sense of detachment.

Think like this, dear Virgo: you are you, that person is themselves.  You see what you see but I guarantee they do not see what you do.  You role is merely to provide objective analysis of what you see wrong in their thinking much as an analyst interprets the raw data with no emotional involvement.  Let the next person hear what you have to say and eliminate yourself from the equation.

Contemplate:  Your ability to see things for what they are  may not be the best received at this time, Virgo, but you would do well to state the obvious no matter what the next person thinks.




LEO 7/23-8/22
The Lion 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Relax, lovely Leo!  Cooperation does not mean you are a door mat or means that you are lowering your (very high) standards or somehow bending over.  It means you’re mature enough to know that if each side gives a little slack, the rope is never too tight to adjust.  Right now, you may be feeling that to get something you want you have to give in to something you don’t want to do or become someone you don’t want to be.  That’s not the way to look at it, dear Leo, that’s not the way at all.

You are often too rigid in your thinking and sometimes it’s your way or no way.  That’s a bit overbearing, is it not?  You wouldn’t want the next person to be as rigid or strict as you are anyway, whether you admit this to yourself or not.  It’s like this: two wrongs don’t make a right,  two lefts still make a left, but two RIGHTS always make RIGHT!  Do you see how that works?  If you and I are on opposite sides of a rope and we are both pulling in opposite directions, eventually one of us will fall and it won’t be like winning a game of tug of war, and in fact, I may be upset that you pulled so hard I fell and skinned my knee.  But if you give a little slack to me and I pull more, and you keep giving me some slack, eventually I won’t pull my end at all and we can roll up that rope and play another game.  Likewise, especially in partnerships and relationships of all kinds, both parties going in opposite directions will result in tension and even discontent with the situation.  While at times you may say, “Well, I did my best, I pulled — that is what I was supposed to do according to the rules, anyway, and since he/she won’t play fair, I won’t play at all” you’re wrong to assume that giving in to the next person means forfeiture of the game.

Life is not a game, Leo, and life is not meant to be lived rigidly without regard for the next person’s needs or wishes.  Life, love, and partnerships work out better when at least one of the parties makes it easier to move forward, even if that means you cut the next person some slack.

Contemplate:  Leo, this is a good time to practice cooperation, compromise, and even letting the next person have their way for a while.  Otherwise you’ll just end up in another stalemate and you’ve been down that road before.  Relax a little, give in: this will produce the best effect at this time.




CANCER 6/21-7/22
The Crab 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As hopeful as you’ve been lately, dear Cancer, you seem to be running out of hope-steam.  What’s wrong, little crab?  Feeling down, depleted, somewhat defeated, as if what you wish for will never come true, will never happen, that you’re just down in the dumps?

Welcome to the real world, Cancer, it’s not clinical depression.

What you’re feeling is just the transient sadness of the stress of trying hard for so long that you don’t know where to pull anymore hope from.  But what if I tell you that this very mood you’re in is not going to help you, it’s going to make matters worse?  People can pick up on others energy much like a dog can sense when another animal is weak or fearful and that sense causes the first dog to act accordingly.  You need to understand that delays, obstacles, and even lack of progress is a natural consequence of being in the world.  You are not interacting with only yourself, Cancer, you are interacting in a world of people and sometimes that means others are going through the very same thing.  Likewise, you are very sensitive, your ruling planet is the Moon, and that means your are more sensitive and emotional than usual, more irritable and demanding during the Full Moon phase.  The Full Moon was only yesterday, dear Cancer, and it also has a typical effect for about four days before and four days after.  What that means for you is that even the usual ups and downs of cycles are more intensely felt and emoted by you during the Full Moon.  Give yourself a break, Cancer, and understand this about yourself: your moods are your own but they can also be self-defeating, so take it easy on yourself and don’t read too much into what the next person is feeling or you won’t be able to feel your own feelings at all — you’ll be all mucked up in an emotional state that is already difficult for you to understand.

What’s happening now is not only cyclical, it’s expected.  We want what we want and we want it now is what some children say during tantrum but you are not a child and you are fully capable of understanding that delays just happen.  It does not mean that what you want isn’t going to happen, that it never will, that it’s all going wrong, that no one understands you, that WOE IS ME, woe is me, my life is a mess and I just want to give up, and…everyone’s out to get me!  And I’m trying my best but it’s just never good ENOUGH and…and…

Do you see what a downer I just wrote?  Do you see how completely pointless it is to just sit there mired in your unhappiness?  That’s what you’re doing.  Stop doing that!

What you need, the next break, is just around the corner!  But if you sit there lamenting and telling the next person that you’re not, you’re going to miss your mark.  So settle down, sweet, sensitive Cancer, it’s not as bad as you think it is but if you keep thinking the walls of Jericho are going to tumble down, they certainly will.

Contemplate: Your next break is on the way and around the corner, Cancer, but you lose control of your emotions, lose control of your positive energy, you’re going to miss that break and it will be harder, next time, to catch again.  Chin up, dry it up, think logically, not emotionally.




GEMINI 5/21-6/20
The Twins 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gemini, while you’re no usual trouble maker, sometimes your emotions escape you and often at the wrong moment — not because you always want it that way — but later you’re not that happy with the outcome and then you’ve more to say that isn’t always received well.  In personal relationships this causes a bounce back effect: the next person isn’t happy with something you express and then you aren’t happy with what’s expressed back to you.  What this does is shakes the entire relationship and isn’t very comfortable.  This applies to all kinds of relationships including work, partnerships, romantic, friendships, and even family relationships.

We often forget amid responsibility that we are part of the situation and that we may be contributing something to the issue at hand that isn’t helping at all.  We need to step back and analyze, think “bullet time” from the Matrix movies when you’re in such a state that you want to say whatever is on your mind, and slow things down before you say something that makes matters worse.  I’m not saying don’t say anything at all, I’m more or less asking you to consider your timing and response before speaking your words.

We’re all human, precious Gemini, but as such we are also prone to the effects of stress, tension, and challenge.  There are better times and ways to express what you want and need to say and the heat of the moment isn’t the best time — I think you can agree with that.  What I want you to try is this: Step back from a situation that arises that challenges you, raises your blood pressure, or otherwise pisses you off, if you will.  Invoke Bullet Time — tell yourself it’s just a gear you shift into or a button you press — and instantly you are an observer, objective, impartial.  Then, think of what either party could say or do that would calm the situation down or at least table it for a time.  This will bring the peace back into your relationship and will restore enough balance to later discuss the situation with less intensity.

Contemplate:  Chinese proverb: Think before you speak.  Not the easiest to do, but the best for your relationships in the long run.  Also, offer the same concept to the next person and you might be surprised at how relieved the next person is.  Much love to you, dear Gemini, we do love you very much!




TAURUS 4/20-5/20
The Bull 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For every problem there is a solution, dear Taurus.  And for every confusion there is clarity.  While you may feel stuck in a rut of some kind, unable to make a decision, come to a conclusion, or even know which way to go, you are advised to stop for a moment and think.  You’ve asked for help which is hard for you to do.  You’ve reached out only to find there is no one reaching back, perhaps.  At this time you are still to not give up hope at all even if you feel you cannot move forward, backward, or even forward to take two steps back.

You’ve invested much in others only to find your investment not returned.  That’s okay, now that you’ve learned to be more selective about even your friendships and alliances.  If you are considering a solution that causes you to invest or give more for something you need or want and feel like it’s not a fair trade, listen to your instincts and find another route!  You’ve toiled at some particular thing, aspect of your life, or situation that you want to change that a little more time invested in research or thinking isn’t going to cause you more difficulty than you’ve already endured.  You have some time on your side, so contemplate what your time, energy, and even friendship is worth.  Are you not just as deserving of what you want and need as those you’ve personally helped before?  Think on that, too.

If you find yourself quite unable to get the help, support, or need you have met, trust in a good friend or trusted adviser to help you see things from another point of view.  You may very well find an option you didn’t notice and the people who are your friends, those who are willing to be there for you, that love and care for you, are going to be very apparent at this time.

Contemplate: Just because there’s a detour in the road doesn’t mean you will never reach your destination.  Work around complexities best you can and don’t lose hope.  It’s going to be okay.

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