TAROT-TORTURE™ Virgo: November 5, 2014



JUSTICE (reversed): Virgo, you could be dealing with some frustrations that are causing you distractions. It could be that your temper is very short because you’d rather be laid back and not have to dig for whatever information you need, especially if it’s due to someone else’s careless mistakes. If there’s anyone who can sort through layers of problems to find solutions, it’s you, Virgo. But you’re likely feeling stretched thin making up — or covering up — someone else’s messy tracks. I don’t blame you if you’re feeling irritable; everyone’s willing to rely on you to clean up their problems and just as willing to take credit for it, too. Aren’t you sick of that? I’m a Virgo rising; I am sick of it! But I’ve learned the hard way that I’m not here to wipe everyone’s bottom just because they don’t know how. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It can be anyone from your kids to your pesky coworker that can’t pull their own weight. It’s not fair or balanced, you say? I agree. that’s what the Justice card reversed is about. Please keep reading; it will all make sense!

In a way, this card is easy to define when reversed. Justice upright is all about justice, fairness, and balance. It’s about the good things we do being rewarded, and being made accountable for the bad things we do. When reversed, almost the opposite is true in some cases; someone innocent goes to jail while the criminal is free. Someone gets away with some lie and we’re holding the bag for them. In this sense, it’s almost maddening when one also feels there’s no jury to plead to!

I want to make sure you know that just because something ‘bad’ is happening to you, there’s no need to sit there and wonder if your karma is happening thus you must be deserving. Sometimes we are part of the process, part of the backdrop like extras on a movie set, and we don’t really have a role in the plot. It’s almost like being an accessory to someone else’s karma. And while that sounds like it sucks very much, keep in mind that this happens all the time. Innocent people get blamed for shit they didn’t do, and wicked SOBs get away with shit they should be held accountable for. Like my ex-husband. I digress.

If this is a work or business related issue, you likely realize there’s nothing much you can do about it. It’s not the time to get revenge on anyone because you’re not the judge and jury — so don’t be the executioner or you could end up bringing more trouble than any of it is worth. Maybe you’ve been doing all the work, some dork is doing half as much work as you, but gets the same bonus or makes the same profit. I’ve been talking about setting healthy boundaries, in general, and this is one of those examples I give to demonstrate that when one employee loves doing a great job, and they usually ending up doing everyone else’s job ‘because they can do it better, faster, and…more’ anyway, they usually end up quite put upon and in a situation like Justice reversed. Believe it or not, this whole thing will help you recognize that you shouldn’t have to, and should not do, another person’s work. In financial matters, it’s quite possible that someone takes something of value from you unfairly, including stealing from you — or the coffer — directly. I don’t advise that you confront this person. I would gather evidence.

In matters of the heart, the card interpretation is not as black and white as the aforementioned. It could be a situation where you feel like you’re the victim, that some wrong’s been done to you, and you may not even see what your role in the problem is. Or, you aren’t in a relationship because you feel you deserve better than what’s on offer. It’s very likely if you’re in a romance now, that there’s trouble in paradise and no one to preach it to. If communications are front and center and you can’t realistically reschedule talks, consider that the full Moon in Taurus is coming up on the 6th and emotions — and tempers — could flare.

ADVICE: Hmm, Virgo, this is a tough one. One one hand, it appears that you’re put upon and should put an end to it no matter the realm. But on the other hand, the astrology suggests that you not do anything about it at this time. You feel there’s something unjust going on, yet you can’t appeal to anyone to plead your case. What I suggest is that you pull back, not take the path of revenge, and let things develop just a little longer. The full Moon in Taurus suggests that this is a big deal — whatever it is it’s not small potatoes — and you should wait it out just a little longer to allow that Moon in the 6th develop while you develop patience and holding your tongue.


About Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita spends most of her free time writing. She makes her physical home somewhere out in the country, most of the time. But she likes to make a point that she’s an “…engaged global citizen with residences in multiple dimensions.”

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