TAROT-TORTURE™ Leo: November 5, 2014

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

SEVEN OF WANDS (reversed): Leo, you may be feeling centered one moment and melancholy the next. Feeling on top of your game for a while, then feeling like you don’t know what your game is. The thing is, Leo, it’s okay to feel this way. The more you try to tell yourself you should feel one way or another, the more you feel like you’re not sure, anyway. It’s advised that you remember that it’s perfectly fine to feel a little down sometimes. Maybe even a lot down — just don’t stay there.

Some feelings from the past may resurface. The therapist me wants me to say that it’s just the stress in your life that you’ve been dealing with that’s making you feel all kinds of sadness. But the truth is you may have been telling yourself that you’re strong, you’re fine, that you can do this, for so long now that you’re tired. If you’re spiritually connected and you feel this way you may even feel guilt! Don’t add to it, my friend, don’t go piling up more of…everything. Can’t you just accept that life isn’t always a bed of roses? Even roses have thorns. If you pick one up and prick your finger, it hurts and it bleeds. And then you learn not to do that again — and if you do — then no big deal, so you’re a little careless with roses! It doesn’t mean that you aren’t in touch with Jesus enough or that you’re not good enough or that you are just a wreck and…see how I can do that too? Difference is that I’m the one speaking the part. You are more likely to keep it to yourself. That’s not good, either. If you’re a little low then talk to someone who helps you feel centered again.

I know this is an odd thought, but have you ever felt really low and then talked to someone who tells you how bad things are for them, and then you feel bad for feeling low about your situation? Well, not that I’m advising that you call a train wreck of a friend for perspective, but you see what I mean. I think you should allow yourself to feel your feelings! And, if you go too deep, then call that friend and listen to their problems. You’ll realize soon enough that you are doing alright, maybe even better than you think.

When this card appears reversed it’s talking about indecision. So that’s why I want you to feel your feelings, talk to someone or not, don’t get stuck there, but do something about it. Don’t just suck it up…again. One day it will catch up with you. And you need to diversify! Don’t talk to the same person all the time. If it’s your best friend, your best friend could put some distance between you. Especially if it’s the same thing they’ve heard before (not saying it is). If it’s your spouse, well, maybe then pick on a relative — one that you trust! — and talk to them, too. It will help you. Trust me, I’ve done that before. I used to tell it all to my once-upon-a-time precious husband (before he got weird, he was great). And poor guy, he was always the ever-patient Pisces, but it wasn’t fair to him, I know.

If the matter is work or business related, then this card could indicate that you’re stuck and don’t know what to do. If you’re stuck because you aren’t employed or are looking for work or leads and can’t find them, then it’s time to change-up! You are likely doing the same thing, trying the same path, over and over, and can’t figure out what’s wrong — why you can’t make ends meet, or find work enough to take care of yourself. This is the thing: you need to change things up — do something different — to get a different effect. You can’t keep doing the same thing that’s not working and expect a different outcome! Leo has been through it for a while with the lessons about taking responsibility for their finances, their career. But sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the thick of it when you’re…in the thick. So, get in the clear and think about what is NOT working. If you’re working for people who don’t pay, stop working for people who don’t pay! You could be facing a delay when it comes to finances so be sure it’s not because you’re working for people who don’t pay you what you believe you are owed.

In matters of the heart, I see this card as more indicative of people in a kind of stalemate relationship. Maybe the relationship is stalling. One of you doesn’t know how to move it forward or doesn’t want to. We don’t push these things, Leo. We let them evolve. I know you’re all about going for the gold but…not in delicate matters. We don’t just chase down people we like as if they were prey in the jungle, lol, we have to let them do what they do, naturally. This likely doesn’t apply to my married Leo friends. It’s even likely that single friends are stuck in a mode of fear (amazing — you? Yep) and don’t want to venture out at all. That could be making you blue, too. Just go out when you’re ready, but no sooner. If you don’t feel like it yet, don’t. There’s no rush. Just remember there’s no such thing as a soul mate, a twin this or that — there’s no perfect match anyway. Just relax and don’t add expectation to the lovely lightheartedness that it should be.

ADVICE: Leo, relax a little. Don’t worry too much. But if something’s not working for you in terms of your job, lack of job, or finances, then I imagine you’re pretty worried. If you’re doing something that’s not working, stop doing that. Do something ELSE. It’s actually a good thing to make a list of what’s not working — and be honest about it! — and then change it up. It seems to me that Leos who work for a living, or need to, are having the harder time here. If the Leo types are not the ones who need to earn their own bread, then maybe they are worried about a financial situation that’s at an impasse, connected to their mate. Either way, let it go because you can’t do anything about that one. The advice of stopping what you are doing that doesn’t work and doing something else applies more to those who are not financially provided for. If you’re feeling a lot of anxiety, consider that if your health is in order — — nothing major or expected going on — then you need to get in touch with your own personal Jesus. If your relationship with the Divine is fine, then enlist the help of someone spiritual to actually check you to be sure you’re not following your own earthly teachings. We’re the ones in the world; what helps us is not in the world. And most of the time we’re searching for it and life will test us a bit when we need to remember who’s in charge.


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Rita spends most of her free time writing. She makes her physical home somewhere out in the country, most of the time. But she likes to make a point that she’s an “…engaged global citizen with residences in multiple dimensions.”

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