TAROT-TORTURE™ Gemini: November 5, 2014

Six of Swords

Six of Swords

SIX OF SWORDS: Gemini, if you feel a little scattered, it’s understandable. Just try to focus on what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Don’t let your mind get too far ahead of you. You’re sorting things out and maybe what you’re discovering in the process isn’t what you wanted. But it doesn’t matter much as things are still in a state of flux. This card talk about moving away from problems, either literally or metaphorically. Maybe you’re changing your mind about things now that you’re really thinking things over. Maybe you’re moving away from a mindset that’s been holding you back. This is a good time to think about where you’d like your thinking to go, where you’d like to see the changes in yourself. While these changes may not make huge differences in your situation overnight, it is a change for the better. Any change that’s positive is a good change, Gemini. 

In work or business, maybe you’ve come to the point where you just can’t stand your job and you want to work somewhere — anywhere — else. Maybe changes are happening around you that you can’t help and they will, I believe, lead you to a better place. If changes happen and you didn’t initiate them, don’t fight them. Just go with the flow. You do need to budget more wisely, my friend. I know you like to spend money! I’m sure we all wish we had a little more to spend. If you’ve already been budgeting and feel like you just want something small as a reward and you can afford it, I don’t see why not. I remind people who smoke to save that money up and at the end of a week they can afford something pretty nice!

Romantically, this card might indicate that you and your loved one need some time away from it all. It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. It can be a picnic in a park you don’t normally visit. Whatever you do, just do something that’s out of the routine. If you’re single, maybe you need to get out and about, take a walk somewhere, and if you’re interested in romance you could meet someone from a very different background. It’s alright to get out there if you’re not looking for love! Just change the scenery as it will do you some good.

ADVICE: Do the best you can with any changes that come up, especially with regard to work, employment. Obviously you need to watch your finances to be sure if any changes occur suddenly that you’re prepared as much as possible. You could be the one to suddenly fly the coop and well…just make good choices, best you can. This has been a little heavy on your mind, Gemini, so if you’re not feeling well, or, if your usual doctor is coming up with more of the same answers to your questions, maybe you need to change your doctor. Maybe see another provider in the same clinic on a different day. Just do something a little different; you could be pleased with the outcome and, at worst, you could just get another perspective on what ails you. If you suddenly feel like you have a eureka moment, go with that, too! It could be that you’re tuning into the more spiritual side of things and that’s a welcome way to deal with any problems. We all need a little faith, Gemini.


About Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita spends most of her free time writing. She makes her physical home somewhere out in the country, most of the time. But she likes to make a point that she’s an “…engaged global citizen with residences in multiple dimensions.”

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