TAROT-TORTURE™ Cancer: November 5, 2014

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

SEVEN OF CUPS: Cancer, emotions got you down? Maybe you can’t even tell what your emotions are talking about. It is very likely that someone from your past has come up and you realize that you haven’t really dealt with it. It’s okay, Cancer, to let it all out. Just remember that the person who is sitting there telling you all THEIR problems may not see it coming when you unleash your emotions. Just make sure you are unleashing them toward someone who might understand you, not someone who is in the same pit with you. I realize that Cancer people are very sensitive and the thing is, they often try to hide their own sensitive spots under the guise or ruse of being some big tough guy or gal. So be your sensitive self but be true to yourself. Don’t make matters worse for yourself by a) keeping it all in, or b) unloading it on the wrong person. I think I’ve posed a conundrum but I believe you know what I’m saying. Don’t go talking about your personal problems with your coworkers or bosses; so often I’ve had to counsel my Cancer friends to keep personal life separate from work life no matter how blended the two become. 

This card indicates that you may have some confusion about what to do, how to act, what you are doing. Maybe you are doing too much to bury your head in whatever’s keeping your mind off that other thing. But this card is indicating that you need to pick one thing and focus on it. Even if you have a bunch of things to do, you still need to work through them one at a time. If you’re feeling very lost then make a list and work on the obvious irons in the fire first. If you’re feeling like there’s too much on your plate then don’t add more to it! Give yourself a break. That means don’t play shrink with your friends; leave that to the shrinks. You’ve got to take care of yourself in this, somehow.

I swear I’m having a deja vu with this card! Anyway, in business or work related matters you need to be on the look out for someone selling you a pipe dream. There’s the saying that goes with this card: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it involves your money in any way, then do a double take — that’s not going to hurt and yeah, it’s okay not to trust people! It doesn’t mean you are judging them. It means you have a brain and you are using it. The weird thing about this card is that if you work in the arts, are a writer, in something very creative, this is a really good card. But if your day job is the usual, then it’s not such a good card and indicates that you’re daydreaming too much. I love daydreaming and I’m the type that floats off all the time. But there’s a time and place for it. If one works for Pixar, no problem, right? This isn’t the time to risk your finances. Keep that in mind. If someone’s promising you that raise…they promised you a year ago…along with that health insurance bonus…a year ago — and where’s that contract? Oh, they forgot it at home — the wife has it. Well, I call bullshit when I see this card. Keep your wits about you!

When it comes to matters of the heart, well, this card should be fairly indicative to you even if you don’t follow the tarot! But you’re learning, right? We see many things before us and the figure in the scene almost seems to not know what to choose. Maybe you don’t know what you want. Maybe you just don’t want to be alone. So, like an impulse shopper who buys something just to…buy something, you choose someone just because you don’t want to go home empty-handed. Now, come on, my friend. This hasn’t worked for you before and it’s not going to work for you now. I believe you need to spend some time thinking more about what you really want, not what you really need.

ADVICE: Someone from your past is likely to come up in real life or in your imagination. Maybe you’re still haunted by one person and now, nice full Moon in Taurus coming up (and your ruler is the Moon — lovely!) and your mind’s all a mess. You need to recognize that if you’re still pining for this person in one way or another — even being angry about them — then the situation isn’t resolved. That’s okay, too. You’re not a robot. So, if that’s the case then you have no business getting hooked up for the sake of hooking up. I don’t know what people do these days but I’ve heard the term ‘hooking up’. I hope I’ve not offended you! Anyway, look, you have a lot to think about. It seems to me that you need to focus on taking good care of yourself, getting your priorities in order (and watching out for used watch salesmen), and letting love come to you when you’re ready, not when you’re reeling. Cancer people are emotional and sensitive. Sometimes, too much so. But you have to be yourself, no matter who that is, or you won’t ever attract the right situation — including relationship — to you. Be yourself, don’t try to be anyone else. If your heart is broken then work on mending that, first. If you’re not mending a broken heart — and you are sure — then you really need to make sure you are not indulging in drugs an alcohol, my friend, Even smoking is bad for you and is indicated by this card!


About Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita spends most of her free time writing. She makes her physical home somewhere out in the country, most of the time. But she likes to make a point that she’s an “…engaged global citizen with residences in multiple dimensions.”

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