TAROT-TORTURE™ Aries: November 3-4, 2014

Five of Wands

Five of Wands

FIVE OF WANDS: Aries, the battle in this card is obviously either friendly or civilized. No one’s tearing each other’s heart out with swords and there’s no grim reaper type near by. This is just the typical competition we see every day in lines at fast food restaurants during lunch hour rush, and the impatient lines at the DMV. It could be the kind of competition that happens during black Friday sales. It could also be competition at work for a coveted position, bonus, or kudos. Maybe you work with the guy who is always trying to one up you for no reason. Whenever I see this card the words ‘friendly competition’ come to mind. No, it’s not always friendly, but what’s friendly competition to one person could be friendly fire to the next. It really depends on the situation and your feelings about it.

Aries, these next few days aren’t going to be the easiest. You may feel on a little bit of a roller coaster. One minute things are fine and you feel great. The next you are in a squabble with a coworker over what the color of the form you’re both filling out is; is it yellow or is it ochre? Who gives a shit, right? It’s a damn form! The form number is all that matters. Who do we send the form to — HR or their supervisor? Forget it — you get it. These are the kinds of irritations you will experience the next couple of days and I don’t want them to blind side you. So just expect that even returning a bottle of shower gel mistakenly purchased as shampoo could become a major hassle.

It’s possible that someone may be spreading gossip or rumors about you. I know it’s petty, but it’s also something that you may wish to nip in the bud early. You need to think about the right way to go about things to not make matters worse and have this person make you out to be the crazy. Sometimes there is only one way to cut through the chase and get to the bottom of a situation, and it doesn’t make anyone super excited but it does get the problem out in the open. Just consider everything you think you should do before you do it.

On a more positive note, when I see this card I like to mention that the querent has a lot of energy. Enough energy to put out a small fire, conquer a small office, etc. It indicates that your health — and resolve — is pretty good.

In romance, this card can indicate competition from one or more suitors. Lucky you!

ADVICE: Aries, while you’ve got to handle whatever needs handling, make sure you’re only getting involved where necessary. Don’t make mountains out of mole hills. There is too much opportunity these days for things to get out of control so don’t make matters any worse or throw in any more risk. If things are just out of whack, just whack things back into place best you can. If you’re dealing with someone who is just a huge pain in the ass every day and now they’re causing you grief almost hourly, it could be high time that you brought the matter up for attention. Maybe you’re at work and you actually have to file a grievance; no one likes those but they are sometimes the only way to get a problem looked into. If you are in some running for a lovely gal or guy, just know there are others competing, too. Just don’t forget that people are not prizes and we don’t fight for them as such.


About Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita spends most of her free time writing. She makes her physical home somewhere out in the country, most of the time. But she likes to make a point that she’s an “…engaged global citizen with residences in multiple dimensions.”

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