Note to ex boyfriend, you weirdo:

Note to ex boyfriend: Please don’t talk to my children — just stay away from my entire family. My son let me know that he bumped into you today and you had an awkward conversation. You said something to him that made him wonder how you’d know that at all. *BEGONE* If you’re on my page pretending to be someone else and that’s how you know — and if I find out about it, I’m going to humiliate you. So, please just go away — period.


About Rita Evelyn Yanez

Rita spends most of her free time writing. She makes her physical home somewhere out in the country, most of the time. But she likes to make a point that she’s an “…engaged global citizen with residences in multiple dimensions.”

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  1. Omg NASCAR?

    • YEAH. I started feeling better today, physically. First day that I’ve not had a massive headache. Monty calls me and tells me that he bumped into him and that a conversation was, apparently, unavoidable for whatever reason! I don’t know if because of a lunch rush, proximity to each other, or if NASCAR just didn’t go about his business like any normal person would. You should just acknowledge that person — if necessary — and that’s all. Well, then Monty answers him about how we’re all doing, mentions that he bought a house, and he said something like that he knew or he’d heard. Well, how the hell would he know unless he’s watching our posts? And further, if someone connected to me is connected to him, why the hell would they be talking about anything even remotely related to me and mine? So, I don’t know if there’s one more f’ing weirdo and he’s not the only one, but he and his need to stay the hell away — period! I have all my services blocked and truly, I don’t want to see one come through. It really pissed me off, let me tell you, and Monty thought it was creepy. Worst — worst of all is that he’s that stupid — he’s that dense that he’d think it’s all okie dokie. He owes my mom money, me money, and he owes a local business money too. I think he’d better stay the F away.


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